Tear Me Apart

In the wastelands of post-apocalyptic England, two young brothers turn to cannibalism to survive, only to fall for their prey, a teenage girl... and possibly the last female left alive.


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  1. There's so much cool stuff, but I just want to watch the film! Where is it?
  2. Yep, we've made a fair amount of content! If all you want to do is watch the film though, then click the Watch Now tab above, select Film Only and simply choose to Rent for 3 days or Buy so you own a copy until the end of time.

  3. How can I watch on my iPad / phone / galactic star destroyer?
  4. We've plugged the delivery of all the content on this site into a platform called VHX. You can buy on any device with just a credit card and email. Download the VHX App for iOS or Android on another device, sign in with the same email and voila! Content across all your devices! Easy as cannibal pie.

  5. Does that include TV too?
  6. It does if you can use Airplay. VHX unfortunately doesn't yet have an App for Smart TV's. Luckily, the film is also available on Amazon Instant Video and they're pretty much plugged into your mind as well as your TV. Click Watch Now above and select Amazon to be taken straight to our page.

  7. Hold up, why the price difference on Amazon?
  8. Another good question. The simple answer is that we have no control over the price of the film on Amazon. That's about it really.

  9. Ok fine, but why do the prices sometimes differ on this site?
  10. Tear Me Apart is available around the world, and countries and currencies are likely to vary, as well as local taxation. The final price is calculated based on where you are, and therefore what taxes you have to pay.

  11. When's the release?
  12. We're releasing our content in stages over mid-2016:
    17th June 2016 - Film released worldwide exclusively through this site.
    1st July - Novellas released on Amazon Kindle.
    Mid July - Film released on Amazon Video Direct.
    End of July - Enter The World and Behind The World bundles released worldwide.

  13. Can I sign-up / pre-order?
  14. Absolutely! From May 2016, you'll be able to pre-order Enter The World & Behind The World.

  15. You guys are amazing. Who are you?
  16. Why thank you, kind of you to say so. We are Cannibal Films, a feature film production company from the UK. For more info go to www.cannibalfilms.co.uk.

  17. How do I get in touch?
  18. We'd love to hear from you, particularly if you say nice things. You can find us @CannibalFilms on twitter and at www.facebook.com/TearMeApartMovie.

  19. I'm a reviewer. Can I review Tear Me Apart?
  20. Of course you can! Drop us a line at watch [at] tearmeapartmovie [dot] com with details of your publication / website / blog and we'll be in touch.

  21. I'm having tech problems!
  22. The bane of all our existences. If you're having problems buying, paying for or downloading the content then the best people to contact are the VHX tech team who are on hand almost 24/7. We also like to know about any problems you might have so if you have time, please let us know too: watch [at] tearmeapartmovie [dot] com

  23. My question hasn't been answered!
  24. Sorry about that. Feel free to get in touch with your query: watch [at] tearmeapartmovie [dot] com. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!